Andaman Press Newsletter

Lockdown is a curious thing. We all want to keep safe but if, like me, you find confinement can be a bit tedious, then why not give one of my books a try?

My ‘Bamboo Quartet’ is a collection of four novels set in SE Asia during WW2. They can be read in any order.

The good news is, I recently got the rights back for these books and to celebrate, I’ve relaunched them with new titles on my own Andaman Press. They are available on Kindle and in Paperback. Please see the below links.

Saved banner

Learn More


Also available at the below links.

A Daughter’s Quest    The Planter’s Wife     The Homecoming        A Daughter’s Promise

I’ll be sending out another Newsletter in a month or two. In the meantime, I wish all my wonderful readers the best of health.



2 thoughts on “Andaman Press Newsletter”

  1. I thouroughly enjoyed The runaway Sisters, but i was so hoping the sisters would take Jo, the brother to see his birth Mother Daisy. For me it was an abrupt ending.


    1. Hi Linda, Many thanks for your comment. I agree with you. The original ending was cut down in the editorial process. They did take Joe to see his mother of course, and it was a very emotional moment for all four, especially Diasy.


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