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  1. Hello Ann, I was wondering if you had an email contact? I have just been signed by Unbound, the literary crowdfunding publisher, for my novel, Blood On The Banana Leaf, which introduces the dark heart of maid culture in Singapore. I wondered if you might be interested in an article or guest post? Thank you so much. Tabby


  2. I am reading Lake Pavilion and looked up your bio. I see you like to write about India and other Sout East Asian countries. I am fascinated by India but have no family connection. I have read and enjoyed The Raj Quartet and wonder if you have read TheShadow of The Moon by MM Kaye? I like it far better than her Far Pavilions book. I also have read her autobiography and quite a bit of Rumer Godden who overall is probably my favourite author. My two favourite books are the MM Kaye book and The Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliffe which is a more realistic take on the King Arthur mythology. I am really like Lake Pavillion.


    1. HI Lana, Thank you for your message. Apologies for only getting to it now! I don’t often look at this blog and am about to shut it down as I now write my bogs from my website http://www.bambooheart.co.uk . Did you write to me separately too? I may have already answered your points. I haven’t read the Shadow of the Moon but will look out for it! I do love books about India and the Far East and usually devour them. I’m so pleased you like the Lake Pavilion! Thanks for getting in touch! Ann


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